Spacebiker gang

The Spacebiker gang is a gang of alienswho abide by their own rules. If you are willing to pay them, they'll smuggle illegal cargo, raid freighters, rob banks, plant bombs, hack top secret files, break pals out of jail and just baout anything else you could think of. They have many hideouts, their most favorite of which being inside an astroid. They will wear cheezy disguises and for some reason earthlings just don't seem to realie that they are aliens.


He is average height, orange and the leader of the gang. He doesn't always think with his head and tends to like things that make big explosions and loud noises. He always has a set of handcuffs attached to his wrist. No one knows why but apparently it's a great story that gets better every time he tells it.


He is average height, yellow, with extremely bad breath. He is the pilot. Snake flies the gang around in his suped up armed freighter. He loves himself a good fist fight and staring people down with his one eye. He is sort of Kranxx's right hand man and his best friend. He loves things that make big explosions and enjoys giving himself electrical shocks. The most notable thing about him is his seemingly second eye in his chest.


He is short, green and grey, talks with a lisp and might be walking around naked. Squidman is the face of the group. He's the one who will go out and get them a job and will contact their employers. He is quick thinking and quick at getting away. He only cares for himself and will ditch the others in a heartbeat if it means he gets away. He goes by many alter egos, though the gang most commonly refers to him as Squidy, as it is the sortest one and the one that he dislikes most.


He is tall, green and has an enormous apatite. Frenzy is the arms of the outfit. He is strong and can lift more than any of the others. He isn't to inteligant and is always hungry. He can and will eat anything. even solid rock. It is joked that his species ate their home plantet (and they might be right). His species has the ability to grow back any part of their body almost instantly at will, though it takes a lot of energy. One time when he was really hungry, he actually ate three of his own limbs. He has to be constantly fed otherwise he will eat the ship, even while they're fling around in it. The only thing he will not put in his mouth is lettuce. No one knows for sure why.


Average hieght, highly inteligent and wears spikes. Slizer is the only one whose really got an idea of what's going on. He is by far the most inteligent of the team. He is the mechanic of the team and is always putting together dangerous weapons in his spare time (This always makes Snake and Kranxx happy, though they never get to use them). Slizer is also a brilliant hacker and can get past any security system or creating some of his own. He doesn't say much, but he feels that the others are incapable of having an intelectual conversation. He can speak many languages, including garbled minifig.