These are our other space characters of the space theme that are not part of the Space biker gang.


These two grey aliens are completely clueless and can't follow a direct order if their lives depend on them. They aren't insubordinate, just plain thick and probabaly forgetful. They love to push buttens and think that they can fly a starchip. (We all know they can't). We're pretty sure they are twins or brothers of a sort to always be traveling together. Likely hatched from the same egg. When they speak it's in a high, sort of stuffy voice that can drive even the sanest man nuts.


Pax is one of those squid type aliens. Because of this, he talks with a lisp. He is the pilot of ship 13. He is perpetually stuck traveling with Roz and Whel and he hates it. He hates there guts, their voices and of course their need to try pushing buttens when things don't work. Because of this, he considers their death to be the best thing that could happen. Otherwise, he feels he's being punished for something.

CELESTIAL FRINGE, is a small base at the very edge of the galagy. Mostly it's a deep space telemitry station, though more than anything it serves as marker claiming the planet as belonging to the Futuron. Because of it's location, some of the few posted their have taken to calling it Celestial Fridge, or just the Fridge as the planet it's based on is a frozen world.


We don't know why she has a man's name, but we do know why she's at Celestial Fringe, or Fridge as she likes to call it because it's bloody cold there. She is a bit of a whatever type person, not carry what others say or tell her. Because of this she has a problem with authority. For this reason she was posted to a dead end possition at the station. She doesn't really mind her possition though as it allows her to slack off and basically be herself. However being posted so far from civilization has left her wanting one thing. Decent food. 


He is the head man incharge of Celestial Fringe. You can tell how unimportant they are to have a Commander incharge of things. Why he's been posted there isn't exactly known, but likely because they needed someone responcible there. Laurence is competent and is fully devoted to his job. He loves order and filling out reports, something he doesn't get to do often where he currently is posted. If he could have his way, he would work a desk job at spacefleet headquarters. Because of his devotion to work and likes things kept in order, Jonathon Jackson dislikes him. It's supected that Laurence is OCD. Because of his posting, he longs for a premotion or a transfer, but lets face it, out there, there's nothing you can do to impress some higher up .