Other characters

These are the characters who do not have any theme of their own but I feel are worth posting.


Birthdayboy is a senile old airplane pilot. He is missing one hand and when he speaks his words are extremely garbled. Very few people are able to interpret what he says. Most assume he is not even speaking english. The loss of his arm and poor speach patern are likely both the result of an accident that took place years back. Recently he aquired an old mansion given to him by Dracula who claimed to be a dead uncle giving it to him. Accepting the offer he now lives inside the mansion and offers the space to anyone whose loking for a place to stay. He never asks any questions and assumes everyone is nice.


As you can assume, he is a vampire. He is short tempered and doesn't care for guests. Recently he gave away his home to Birthdayboy, planning on moving to his brother who lives in a castle in order to get away from his wife. However, his brother had the same idea, leaving them both without a home. Unable to get Birthdayboy to give his place back, he has moved in as an official permanent resident.


Allen is a door to door salesman who sells, plumming. He has a way of getting around to different times and places though no one know's how. He can be very insistent about his product and will even give you open ended threats if you don't buy some. His motto is that he'll sell it, replace it and even use it, but he won't repair it. The one person he want's to get to purchase his product is Picks, feeling his mountain home needs some modernization. He loves to refer to indoor blumming, as IT'S BIG and though you can't tell in the comic, he talks like an Elvis impersonator.


We don't know what he is exactly, but we think it's some kind of robot with a Mack head. He is the main Mack in the whole scheme of things. If someone needs to be made like him, he will be the one to do it. He carries currently the only know Mack gun, which when fires can turn anything into a likeness of him. He also carries a wrench. We don't know why. No one wants to ask. Like all forms of Mack, he talks a little odd and snorts frequently. 


Picks is a cold mysterious man who lives in isolation up in the mountains. He hates salesmen and just about everone else, seeing them either as week or plain annoying. Though despite his rough and commanding exterior, he does feel obligated to help those who he sees are incapaple of helping themselves. He sees himself as the toughest man alive and is able to commit major feats that no normal person can do, such as walk across the ocean or wrestle a T-rex. He can travel across a mountain range on foot and still arrive anywhere before you who could have taken a jet. After doing something a lesser man considers impossible he would say that he just did that and didn't even break a sweat. He has no fears, though he does live with a talking Barabaque. Where he got it, no one knows. Why he hasn't gotten rid of it. Still no one knows. There is only one person he considers a possible frined and that is The-guy-with-the-chicken-outside-of-the-bag. (See A pirates life). Despite his tough life though, he loves to go to town and have tea parties with little five year old girls. There is the rumor that he has a sister or three and at least one of them has a kid.