Here are some of the more notable short stacks with a stench to be aware of.

He is the Loopins of Loopins, older than every other. He is also the mayor of Farton and possibly the owner of Knight buss industry.

Maverick Storm
He is possibly the smartest of the Loopins and everything he has to say can be said in a single hoot. 

Dash Flash
A reckless ecentric who can only speak out of half his mouth. 

Mike is the only delivery driver who dares to enter the stench feild of Farton. As such, he's developed a repor with the short folk.

Lighter Mcfire
Lighter is the richest Loopin ever as he owns the Gas station and has won a few races. He has gotten his name due to the tendensy of setting things on fire when he farts.