This one os pretty self explanitory. Here is the list of the important Jedi.


He is a skilled somewhat irritable jedi who finds the simplest way to solve a problem is to fly around space aimlessly. He doesn't particularly like most of the group and absulutally hates surprises. He takes great offence when people try to offer better suggestions.


Cooal is a jedi knight as well. He is pretty laid back and always thinks the more the marrier. He is probably the most savvy of the group. He is a somewhat peculiar jedi as he wears a ballcap with cool shades. He tends to show little emotion when danger is involved.


Ehsay is a jedi knight as well. He is typically quite. He mostly speaks when he has something to ask. Of the group he definitely has one of the strongest sense of responsibility. For him duty is very important. Though he can be easily distracted. Secretly, he hates Patty.


Despite what you might believe, he is not a girl. He is a guy. (Just incase you didn't catch on). He is the brightest of the lot and bit of a loner i his ways. He only works with other people when it's necessary. He feels that the others are just a little to clumsy and feels that he's superior to them. Him being the only master doesn't help with that.


He is a jedi knight too. He is the master of Patty. He has a acute sence of smell, which can be a problem for him many times. He doesn't talk to much and when he does it's in a low voice. Yet when he's surprised or angry he can really raise his voice. He can even scream strait through an entire comic strip.


Patty is Zoofu's aprentice. He is a carefree, lazy jedi padawon who has no sense of safety. He always has his lightsaber open and will gladly swing it around wildly. His favorite pastime is passing gas in a small area with lots of people.


He is a jedi that's been mackified. We don't know who he was before, only that he wasn't human. He talks with poor grammer and flies around in a ship that has also been mackified.