Hero League

These are the so called heros and anyone who has connections with them

Super awesome man
Not related to Superman in any way. Just a guy in a costume who wants to help. He can jump prety good and is determined to make the world a better place, especially if it lands him a date with Brittany. He also jsut doesn't have any good life skills, so he tried this out. Rumour has is, his red underwear were once Supermans.

She is Superawesomeman's neighbor. Nothing more. A tough girl who can take care of herself better than any hero can.

Elvis Presley
This is, the KING

He is the discount Batman. Middle paid grade, average looks and only half as invested. He's mellow, lazy and hates being refered to as a raven. It's not officially known why he became a super hero, but it's suspected that it has something to do with having the oufit.

Blue Torch
An eager kid granted extrodinary, unspecified powers, after an alien torch(or club) landed in his back yard. He went through a long series of names to finally settle on Blue torch. His outfit is just blue spandex. 

Lt. Wonder girl
A teen who had good grades in P.E. class. She wears a tiara at all times dspite not having a princess complex. Her outfit was designed to reflect power and strenght, despite the only power of hers is that she has a shield.

Golden Arrow
Typically quiet, she is a better than average user of the bow. Bellow average if she lived in medival ages. Her name reflexts the yellow of her attire, and gold just adds an awesome factor to words. She claims to have no connections to the Golden arrow from Robin Hood.

His name says it all. Though, that is a mouth full, so he can also be known as Qwnbabtas. He is out of shape, out of mind and most prefer yim out of sight. He is the most effective memeber of the team. His only confrmed power outside extrodinary use of ducktape, is he can make you think someone is talking about you. There is no limit to the range of his ability that we know of. SO, if you ever feel like someone is talking about you, it might be him.