Headaches or Wibbly-wobbly mainly follows the time cruisers and the main characters from Back to the Future. It is based mainly in the past and the time travelers tend to get into strange situations.


Dr. Cyber is somewaht essentric and very cheerful. He tends to be a little oblivious to the situation and so doesn't tend to realize when he's in danger. He is quite brilliant, for he'd have to be to invent a time machine. He does tend to overpack though, living by the fraze always be prepared.


Tim is something like sixteen or seventeen. He is basically Dr. Cybers lackey. He's the guy who'll get stuck going on errands and being the lab rat. It does have it's perks though, for he gets to accumpany the professor on all his travels through time.  He is not related to the professor in anyway, so we aren't entirely sure how he came to work for him. Timmy is quite smart for someone of his age and may even be part of the reason the professor is succesful. He recently has a crush on princess Fiona.


We don't know why there's the monkey there, but it is. It tends to hang on Timmy's back and will laugh hystarically when it finds something amusing. When no oneis looking, he likes to fling poo.


Gulliver is a teenaged prince and heir to the throne. He has a modern day attitude with a voice that sounds like a weezing weezle that has been smoking twenty packs a day. He uses futureristic terms, such as gameboys (Cort jesters) and Play-station (The booth the jesters play in). He also likes to put the word royal before words, thinking that it makes him sound more important. He is engaged to Princess Fiona, though hates the idea. His reasonings consists of her being to pretty, smelling nice and simply being anyone other than himself.