In the Kitchen with Dave is set as a televised cooking show that involves little to no cooking.


Dave's a bit of a looney. He runs a cooking show but looks for any way to get a tool from his shop to be used in the kitchen. He can be most clever but is usually very thick. No matter how many times you tell him something he may never fully grasp the blatenly obvious. He likes attention and I the absence of the auther he has taken over the role of  interviewing guests. He has shared a dream sequence, litteraly looked Death in the face and has done many other  life threatening things. despite all of which he still retains most of his sanity. How he got the show in the first place, we have no idea. The two things he enjoys most are eating out and playing with loud tools. The strangest thing is that though he loves to use tools, he finds the idea of having a carpentry show repulsive


He is one of the two producers of In the Kitchen with Dave. He dresses really well and thinks very little of Dave. He does not know why he has a cooking show when it's clear he does not want to cook. He has a sister who works with him. He is younger than his twin by ten minutes and it bothers him greatly. Though he often acts like he is the older, telling his soster what to do.


She is Jordan's twin sister, older than him by ten minutes. This bothers her brother and she feels compelled to remind him of it. Though when they are not irritating each other with their life details, they work extremely well together as co-owners of television network, producing multiple shows. Though she is Jordan's twin, she is certain that their parents got them mixed up when they were born and gave their names to the wrong one.