The adventures are a small group of people who go looking for ancient artifacts. It's hinted that two years ago their team broke up for unknown reasons, but it is clear that it left most of them with grudges towards Johnny.


Johnny is a man still in his early or mid twenties, though many times you would think he was a child. He and several others make a living mostly by going around and digging up old things. Johnny is the self proclaimed leader of the team and makes hasty decisions when money is involved. He once and might still have feelings for Gail, though something clearly happened between the two of them in the past that resulted in her leaving the group.


Dr. Lightning as everyone but Johnny calls him, as he is Johnny's uncle. He is not always there in the head though he is still suposedly a brilliant archeologist. His age is unknown, though it doesn't hamper his spirit in the slightest. Dr. Lightning has a thing for all things fast and shiny. he can get very impatient and makes rash decisions when money is involved. He also hates door to door salesmen.


Gail is the photographer and the girl of the team. She's the most level headed of the team and thinks the others are imature (Johnny specifically). It's unclear as of why, but something had happned resulting in her leaving the group and hating Johnny for it. Though she later joined up again to aid in this most reason adventure of theirs. Despite the fact she would outright deny it, it's suspected that she still has feelings for Johnny as it annoyes her whenever theres another woman involved. She will make decisions quickly when you put a price on her answer.


Johnny 25 years into the future was pulled into the past because of a wish made by himself back then. he took the whole experience well and has taken a liking to pretty girls. though he has yet to get lucky with one. He maintained his sense of fasion over that time and is probably just as impatient as his past self. He knew in advance he would be called to the past to make his three wishes of the lamp, yet despite this, he didn't really ever think about what he was going to wish for when he had the chance. He has a major dislike for the Genii and enjoys giving him various blue related nicknames.Because he was drawn to the past he is often refrained from doing what he wants to do because he has to make sure he does what he saw him do 25 years ago in order to preserve the time line. He will make quick decisions when you put money down


Harry was the pilot for the adventures. Two years ago he left the team, though it might have been they left him. We aren't sure. After the breakup he took to working solo and hired Launchpad as his copilot and Pippin Reed as HIS photographer. He can keep his cool in most situation. Before he left the team him and Johnny had been best friends and had competed with each other to get Gail at one point. Neither of them ever succeeded. He loves his plane more than anything, so his copilot never actually gets to fly. Harry will mend friendships and make instant decisions when large sums of money are involved.


Pippin is a photographer and works for Harry Cane. Whether she has feelings towards him is unknown though it is clear that Johnny finds her atractive. She only posses skills with a camera and a strong common sense. She doesn't tend to say a lot, mostly because she doesn't want to get dragged into things. She's only there for the money, socializing is merely an unecessary wasit of time. However she will do just about anything if the price is right. (Even hang out with Johnny)


Johnny from 50 year into his future was brought to the past by his 25 year younger self who was 25 years in the past. he had expected that to happen and had been waiting for that day for 50 years. At this point in his life Johnny had clearly become wiser and more inteligant. because he had experience the past twice and there was no more futures selves, he knew what to avoid when not to speak and of course was free to make up whatever he did because he didn' have to worry about messing up the order of events. In his old age Johnny has become somewhat bitter and regretful of things he did or didn't do in his past. He'S still active with the same taist in fasion and continues to make his decisions based on the dollar sign.


Despite being in a magic lamp for hundreds of years, the Genii is remarkably cheerful. He loves to manipulate peoples wishes though it annoyes the one making the wish. He usually recomends a sportscar despite them already having one or two and is suspected to like them. He claims to dislike making wishes that greatly affect the universe, yet he brought two Johnny's from the future to the same time. Like most Genii's he can only grant three wishes, though he explaines that tecnically it's only three wishes every 25 years.


Yes, this is the one who flies Mr. Mc-Duck around and works alongside Darkwing Duck. How he came to be working for Harry Cane is unknown, though it probably had something to do with his poor flying skills. Despite him being the copilot he never actually gets to fly the plane and ends up just sitting for the whole flight. He doesn't mind it though. He makes all his desicions slowly and is paid next to nothing.


There isn't much known about this guy. What we do know is he's incredibly rich and hired the adventures to go on a treasure hunt that's treasure was never clearly defined. Despite the advenures working for him, none of them know his name, only that he was willing to foolishly waist money on the expedition. He is not suspected to be the brightest bulb as he will carry priceless artifacts around in his pocket.


The only thing to say about him, is that he is the orriginal mack, unmackified and has been folloing the advenures in secert ever since a breif encounter with them in the desert. after the such encounter he mackified his freinds making them exactly like him, grimy, smelly, unshaven and constantly SNIRKING. He has taken to a strange form of world domination through a strange idea that everyone was neglected the chance to be like him.