Despite what you might think, Bediyoskin and the other raptors are not from Earth. He is the leader of the Raptor ship, his rank shown by his sholder epaulettes. He is a cunning commander and is swift of his feet. He speaks with a British accent and loves refurring to dinner as guests.


Victoria is second in command aboard to raptors ship. She is the only female in the crew, though this does not cause any issues for she is the one the others most fear and will do anything to stay on her good side. She is clever though not necessarily the best with witty remarks. She finds that she often does not understand the purpose of tools of lower life forms (like humans).


Victors rank is unknow, though he is in the upper class. He is third in command and sercretly hates Victoria , for he wants her possition. Unlike the other raptors, he has a germanish accent. He is one of the most feirce of the raptors and will be the first to attack. He tends to be stuck in the ship most of the time, though he is often confused for the pilot as the two look identical.


Josh is the head of the Dino H.Q. Though he has his own superiors to report to. He is clever somewhat witty and handles tough situations well. Because of his last name Thunder we believe him to be a close relitave of Johnny Thunder. This has yet to be proven. He will however make decisions quickly when money is involved.


Daina is one of the woman in the Dinoe defence/hunting group. Her expertise is in venomous reptiles.Through this knowledge she came up with the formula used in the tranquilizer darts and insisted that she be in the field to capture the rouge dinosaurs. She is fearless in the face of a charging T-rex, though she is absulutally terrified of clowns.


Every dinosaur related operation has the closest thing they can get to an expert on an extinct animal. Harrison happens to be there expert. Like all experts on wild animals, he is of course a hunter who relates the actions of smaller less dangerous animals to the giant reptiles. He is louded with a sense of crude humor that only he usually finds amusing. He is a bit rude and tends to go long durrations without bathing..


Mack is not his realy name, well, it might be. All we know is he has very poor grammer and SNIRKS a lot because he has been Mackinated. What his old self looked like is unknown.


He is a easy going guy and tends to be the person everyone uses when making a demonstration. He says little and has little tallent. It isn't sure why he is part of the Dino team.