#32-Pockets are always a good place to put things

21st Jul 2013, 10:44 PM in Johnny
#32-Pockets are always a good place to put things
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Guest 23rd Jul 2013, 11:33 PM
You know, this keeps reminding me of the Doctor. I feel like that should be him. Its a match up I could see, "Johnny Thunder and the Doctor."
Zack-ta 24th Jul 2013, 11:53 AM
You know, I wouldn't be surprised if I end up doing that. The Doctor is so easy to incorperate into anything.
Guest 3rd Apr 2014, 2:18 PM
SuperJedi224 16th Dec 2014, 1:47 PM
Okay, now I have to point it out. Work on your spelling already. Otherwise, this is a very nice set of comics.